Saturday, December 17, 2011

Have a Wonderful Holiday Everyone!

I along with my girls finally have the chance to go back and visit family in Ohio for the holidays.  In January, I will be back with some new ideas and hopefully a new camera.  In the mean time I hope everyone has a nice holiday with their families.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Great News

I am excited to share that beginning in the new year I will officially be a Head Start teacher.  I will be sharing and collecting more preschool age activities.  If you have something wintery you would like to share please let me know.  I will share some of my favorite winter activities.

Take home snowman
Snow globes
Painting with ice
Fake snow in the sensory tub
Making a big book

Friday, December 2, 2011

Fingerplay Friday- 5 Little Holiday poems

5 Little Christmas Trees
5 little Christmas trees standing all alone
Their hears were very sad
cause they hadn't found a home
Then chop went he ax and down fell the tree
And off it went with a happy family

4 little....
3 little...
2 little...
1 little...
No little Christmas trees standing all alone
Their hearts were very happy
cause they all found a home.

5 Little Stockings
5 little stockings hanging by the fire.
the first one said, "I'm getting tired."
the second one said, "But Santa's in the air."
the third one said, "yeah and we care."
the forth one said, "Oh fun, fun, fun."
the fifth one said, "Christmas time is fun."
Ding went the clock and out went the fire.
And 5 little stockings were filled by Santa that night.

5 Little Reindeer
the first little reindeer went to the market.
to buy some Christmas trees.
the second little reindeer went to the elf shop
to supervise the toys.
the third little reindeer hurried to the cookie factory
to prepare for girls and boys.
the forth little reindeer went to the TV stations
to ready the Christmas shows.
And the fifth little reindeer went to see old man winter
to order the seasons snow.

This last one seems unfinished.  Can anyone finish it?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

What a teacher wants- for Christmas

It is that
time of year again.
Are you shopping for yet? 
Do you plan to buy a present for
your child's teacher or other school personnel?
Do you wonder what in the world would this special person want?
Did you

  Every teacher you ask will say "I don't need a present."  Teachers do not choose this job for the money or presents.  Seeing your child learn is very rewarding.  But if you still want to show your gratitude or just make someone feel extra special, you may want to present your child's teacher with a little gift.  Check out this previous post about the 10 gifts teachers want.

     I chose to help out the teacher by making some things that I 'm sure the teacher doesn't have time to do herself.  Most of it is stuff I would or do want for my own classroom.  Before making  or buying something for the classroom, I would recommend visiting your child's class to find out what the teachers use.  If you need some more ideas, visit the tip junkie for all kinds of cute home made gifts.

Gift 1
Here is how easy and cheap the first present was to make.
Buy small plastic frame from Walmart.  I bought 2 4x6 frames at $.98 each.

Mainstays 4" x 6" Clear Bent L Frame, Set of 12
I found these on clearance $1.50 after the school shopping was over.  They are great.  They don't smell like the markers do and they don't make a mess.  They even come with a wipe off mitten.  No more dirty socks in the classroom

Print out letters of the alphabet a little smaller than your frame.  I put them on pretty red paper but you don't have to. 

 Put all of the items in a plastic bag. Then I taped some directions I typed to go along with it.

Gift 2
Pre-made sensory tub
In her classroom, she has a small sensory tub.  So, I made an school spirit tub.  I included black beans, orange pom poms, orange scoops, and orange pony beads. 
I typed up a cute label and taped it to a plastic bag with all the goodies inside.

(sorry pic reflected the light)

Gift 3
Edible goodies
What teacher doesn't need a little chocolate stashed away for those hard days.  I will also make one for the aide that helps out with all the little ones in the class.

Gift 4
This teacher does a treasure box as a reward when the children get 5 good check marks.  That can get expensive to replenish with things the kids will enjoy.  I just bought a bunch of little prize things.