Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Book Box- Valentines Day

Valentine's Day is all about love and hearts.

Hugs and KissesThis one is my favorite.  It was a gift from one of my parents.  It could also be used during a Mother's Day theme or a farm theme since the puppy lives on a farm.  This cute puppy travels the farm to see what kisses from other animals are like just to find out his mother gives the best kisses.  Also comes in Spanish edition.

Product Details     This is another one of my favorites.  It encourages children to be creative while making valentines for friends.  We always made something with lots of heart cut outs after reading this one.

Aurthur's Valentine Countdown by Marc Brown
Bear Hugs by Karma Wilson & Suzanne Watts
The Best Thing about Valentines by Eleanor Hudson
I Love Hugs by Lara Jones
I Love you All Day Long by Francesca Rusackas
Love and Kisses by Sarah Wilson
Mouse's First Valentine by Lauren Thompson
The Night Before Valentine's Day by Natasha Wing
The Secret Valentine by Johanna Maron

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Mitten

I love Jan Brett and her books.  Here is her website that will give you all kinds activities and information about her and her books.  The Mitten is one of those books I love working with in the winter.  We don't get much cold weather down here, but it has been cold since we' ve come back from break.  So, why not use that weather to experiment and read some great winter books.

The kids I'm working with have never seen real snow, so we did a little writing about it.

If it snowed, I would   ("would" is the sight word we worked on)

We read The Mitten by jan brett and The Mitten by Alvin Tesselt an older version.

We used a story map to retell each story.

We used a compare and contrast graphic organizer with the two versions of the story.

If you have a-z leveled books available to you, there is another version of the story at level d.  it is a little low for my kids but we can practice fluency and keep them reading.

This website has lots of neat activities and printables that work with the story.

Here you could print out this neat activity.
Pinned Image

Here is a cool experiment using thermometers and mittens.  Which is warmer the mitten or the mitten with your hand in it.  The original idea came from Jan Brett's website, but Corkboard connections gives you good information about experimenting.

If you are in the lower grades, you can put snow (I've used my snow cone maker ) or ice to your sensory table along with different mittens and gloves to see which is warmer.

what a cute numbers to sets activity.

Make, Take, and Teach has 4 mitten activities, rhyming, beginning sounds, number to set, and adding.  I love this website. She always has wonderful freebies.

Do you have a fun mitten activity?