Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Literacy Centers- Name work/ word work

Exploring words in a variety of ways will help children learn spelling and improve vocabulary.  I believe in a hands- on approach even when spelling words.  I plan on making word boxes using sight words I will show you as soon as they are finished.  I will be using the empty baby food containers and stickers and other letters.  Children will be able to put the words together using the outside word as an example.  I may also make a surprise word box when they start reading words a little better.  For now here are some really special ideas I would like to try this year.   

Name work- provides letters so children can practice their names without worrying about correct letter formation.  These activities easily fit on a tray to encourage individual work.
Word work- for older children
Milk caps or bottle tops make a simple name game.  You can make each child a set and put it in a baggies with a label or just provide plenty of letters for children to chose from.

Christmas ornaments on a string printable. adorable!

blog pics 019

Toddler approved, easy name puzzle


This would be fun to use to spell names.

And here is a great way to store them.  Kids could take them home.

crayon rubbings with word puzzles

Valentine's words and other great Valentine's printables

Digging up your name or letters in a word, you could use plastic letters too.
Color words with Brown Bear, Brown Bear downloads thanks to Doodle bugs teaching
She has a lot of neat printables to check out too.

color by number site words

word and picture cards in color

printable site word stuff.  I love 1+1+1=1 playdo mats.

label your home, I send home a game like this, but she makes them pretty.

Now tell me the boys wont want to do this

Great for site words

I love this using colored alphabet pasta, and lots of other great ideas too.

Here is another great color word printable

I like these spinny spellers
I've been hearing a lot of sylable work going on.

This is a cute way to do it.  You can purchase the monster unit from Mrs. Lee's kindergarten from tpt

Here is a free syllable or clapping out words center sheet.  I love all the centers at Kidscount1234.com.  You have to visit.  The Jenga game is neat learning fun.  I want the gumball machine game.

This is a great word family center.  You'll also find a word family stick game.

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