Friday, January 20, 2012

A new year in the classroom

A new year- a new curriculum- new lesson plans

     Our preschool has adopted the Creative Curriculum, so if you are doing the same themes in your classroom, I'd like to know some of your ideas on it.  We are working on clothing and I am trying to tie it into winter activities by dressing snowmen.

Toys and games
                 I found these adorable toys in the LTD magazine at a great price years ago.  They are very durable and the kids love them.  I have a hard time getting my daughter to share with my classroom. 

                 I also made this snowman magnet game.  I found the worksheet in an old Mailbox magazine.  Copy, cut, color, laminate, add magnets.  The children sort the cloths according to size for each snowman.
Dramatic Play:  I had lots of Doctor stuff to make a doctor's office, since we were talking about uniforms.  The shots were a big hit.  Old t-shirts made great Dr. uniforms.  Someone made this neat pretend blood specimen for me.

     I wish I had thought of turning the dramatic play area into a laundry mat earlier, but it may be extended into next week, so pics will come soon.

     We haven't had any snow or even many cold days here in Texas, so I will be saving my snowy stuff for when it gets colder.  It is an amazing 70 degrees here.

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