Monday, June 10, 2013

Sight word darts

Sight Word Darts
     In first grade, sight words are not just important for reading, but a very long list of 238 words are a grade.  Learning these words will help students read more fluently and move up reading levels.
     For readers who are on first grade level or higher, the words come easily through reading. But for the struggling readers I work with, these words are confusing and a chore to learn.  Because these readers do not catch on to these words through drill and practice, I had to come up with some fast, easy, fun ways to practice sight words without spending a lot of money.

You can purchase these at the Dollar Tree.  They have a sticky end that will stick to anything until they get too dirty.  I was able to get them to work longer by cleaning them with water.  I have gone through 2 packs in 6 months.  Which is still fairly cheap considering how many kids I see in one day. 
I also bought the foam board at Dollar Tree I used for the actual dart board.
I just drew a few target lines and wrote the words that gave the children the most trouble.
The children throw the dart and read all the words in the area the dart lands.  It is very repetitive but adds the gross motor, hand eye coordination that makes if fun.
The kids would be willing to play this everyday for an entire half hour, 7 days a week.  One child in particular that this game helped the most, had a goal to hit each area on the dart board.  He knew all 238 words by the end of the year.  Other children just wanted to hit the bulls eye, which is why the hardest word on their list is in the middle. 
How I would improve this game
     I think I will work on a score sheet that would give them points or stickers when they hit each area.  Also realize, the easiest areas to hit are the rings around the bulls eye ("s" and "o" words).  The hardest areas are the top 2 squared areas.

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