Friday, September 23, 2011

Fingerplay Friday- Firefighters

During this month we always talked about Fire safety and had visits from the fire department, so here are so poems I used.

I'm a Firefighter (by Judy Hall) (I'm a Little Teapot)

I'm a firefighter
Dressed in red,
With my fire hat
on my head.
I can drive the fire truck,
Fight fires, too,
And help to make things safe for you.

Down at the Firehouse (by Jean Warren) (Down by the Station)

Down at the firehouse
Early in the morning.
You can see our clothes
hanging in a row.
When there is a fire,
We can dress real fast,
Boots, jackets, hats gloves,
off we go!

Ten Little Firefighters

Ten little firefighters,
sleeping in their beds
Ding! went the bell
and down the pole they slid.
They raced to the fire
and put out all the flames
then the ten firefighters
went back to bed again.

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  1. We will be doing fire safety week soon! These are terrific!