Monday, September 26, 2011

Math Centers- Construction

Construction- Building with different kinds of materials is important for kids.  They use critical and creative thinking skills as well as trial and error.  It is the one center I have seen very little of in kindergarten. 

I always include cars and people to go with which ever type of building material I choose.  Examples might be legos, waffle blocks, brick blocks...  You can put blue prints (make them yourself or child made by crayon resist drawings of buildings and blue watercolor paint)  or copy me papers (include a pattern or 3D structure for children to copy) in the center to challenge the kids.  Include paper, pencils, and a clipboard to encourage writing.

Or check out some of these creative construction ideas

What about these for building quietly?  Colorful and creative

amazing road kids can put together like a puzzle

another neat road

another road that cars travel down stairs

aren't these building materials unique and fun?

Time For Play has cheap creative construction materials

Chasing Cheerios has this wonderful colorful block fun.

So what are some of your ideas?  Do you include construction in your centers?

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