Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Movement Box

     Rainy Days come as such a surprise down here, for a state that never has enough rain.  So, I needed a back up plan to replace the hours worth of outside time we miss.  Most of the time children enjoy spending more time in centers.  This give me more one on one time with the children, but sometimes children need a little physical activity.
     With the help of Childhood 101, who has amazing activities, I made this movement box.  I used a square tissue box and taped the body shape pictures on it.  On another square tissue box, I taped the numbers we are working on.

Body shape printables from Childhood 101

     I gave the most active child the job of throwing the box like dice.  We made our bodies look just like the picture that was rolled and counted to the number that was rolled.  After Mr. Active had enough time with the throw, I let everyone have a turn.

Tired Need Sleep has some cute printable action dice.

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