Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Literacy center- listening center

Listening center
     As a child I remember having a Mickey Mouse record player with hundreds of records tht came with books.  My sister and I would recreate the stories like we were putting on a great play.  Reading to children teaches kids to read.  That's why we tell parents it is so important to read with their children on a daily basis.  As a teacher, we do not have the time to read lots of books directly to children.  I believe a listening center is a great substitution.
     You could buy one of those listening centers set up with head phones, which can be quite expensive, or you can use multiple CD players like Kids Count 1234.  You'll find the link below.
     Scholastic is a great place to order books and the CD's to go with them.  I order multiple books when they are only $1, so the kids do not have to share a book while listening.  Many books are in a sing song rhythm, which makes for lots of fun watching to childre dance to the story while they are listening.

     You can also record your own voice reading a book.  This would also be a good way to get parents involved.  The kids love hearing familiar voices on the tape. 

     As children get older, they can express their thoughts about the story on a response sheet. 

Here you'll find a free response sheet.  Check out how she uses multiple CD players for multiple listening options.

Here is another response sheet

Here is another response sheet

Here you'll find another simple response sheet.

 Anything with a cute font makes an activity fun.  First with Franklin does that with this book review sheet.

Here is another cute freebie from Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten

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