Saturday, September 29, 2012

We're going on a field trip!

Do you take your children on field trips?
We are taking our Pre-K kids on a walking field trip to the local museum just down the road.  Preparing your children for a field trip is important for safety and insuring your children have a successful learning experience.
from DIY Classroom
It is important to talk about rules of walking or bus riding, bath rooming, staying with teacher, and whether this is a touching place or looking place.
It is equally important to talk about what you might see and what you want your children to learn from this trip.
I absolutely love this before and after graphic organizer.  It was made for 1st graders to do individually, but it can be done with little ones as a whole group. 
Get it from Fluttering Through First Grade.  She also has a zoo paper.  Our 1st graders go to the zoo, so I'll pass that on to those teachers.
After the field trip!
After visiting is a great shared writing opportunity.  Let children retell the trip in order and include any exciting parts.
Do you have a fun way to learn from a field trip?

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