Saturday, June 9, 2012

summer bucket list

What do you have planned this summer? 
     Now that school is out, I am back in charge of keeping my child's interest away from the TV.  I would like to spend some time outside, but Texas temperatures can be quite high in the summer.  So, I have tried to come up with some summer fun ideas.  I'll add pictures as we accomplish the activities.

      Last year I saw so many fun filled summer bucket lists, so I decided to start my own.  Of course things will be added as I find more fun things to do.

-scratch art -My daughter loves those scratch art activities.  I use to make them with crayons when I was younger, but here are the directions to make it a little easier.  Here is a post that will show you how to make your own lottery scratch off tickets.  A little fun with your learning.

-drip paint or tall painting-with letters as a background
I will use the word "dream" to make art for my daughter's wall.  I love the idea of encouraging her to dream.
Here is a cheap and neat way to add art to the walls of our new home

-stepping stones- decorative ones to keep us out of the mud and chalkboard ones just for fun

-paint on the fence- not paint the fence, put paper on the fence to keep mess outside, get the kids outside and add a little different way to paint.  The baby can paint with water

-making a light table-  I'm a little behind on the great homemade light table craze, but I still want one.  And  my daughter thinks the story telling with sand is neat on Sprout channel.   What a great way to work on language and retelling a story

-paint with pudding or jello- let the baby get involved

-get set up on pinterest- I love looking but this can help organize my ideas for next year and keep my children busy with new ideas

-Memory ABC Book- This site has a fun memorable project.  Upload your photos to make a personalized ABC book or counting book. It's called project alphabet do it yourself. B is for the baby we added to our family.  F is for flower girl. D is for Daddy. G is for Grammy and Grandpa who live too far away. My daughter is so excited to do this activity.  I am waiting for our Disney vacation to take pictures to include.

-Try building something- This isn't exactly educational for my children, but it will keep laundry a little more organized.

-read, read, read and organize- Every teacher knows how important it is to read.  So, I have collected 100's if not well over a 1000 books.  They are organized by theme in boxes.  When I'm doing lesson plans, it would be helpful to look at a list of books I have.  I will share these lists with you by theme.  I haven't bought a new book in 2 years,   so if you have a great book you and your kids love to read, I would love to know more about it.  Just click on the book box label to get the lists.  I think I will add my wish lists to the posts also.

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