Thursday, July 12, 2012

Learning on vacation

     I believe children who have more experiences outside the home and school are the children who can learn quickly by relating what they already know to new learning topics.  That's why teachers love field trips.  A visit to a pumpkin farm shows children what a vine is.  A visit to the zoo shows children animal habitats.  A visit to a science museum gives children hands on opportunity to learn about jobs

Physics of motion
(Circular physics and up, down, up, down)

How you can effect motion
(forward, backward, forward, backward)

How nature effects motion
(Is it going to blow away?)

(It cost how much?)

Job Security(How do I take care of people?)

(Do you know who invented this?)

Marine Biology
(caught in the ocean, Do you know what it is?)

(Are you brave enough to hold this)
(Do you know which Florida animals are going extinct?)
Driver's Education
(a little early, but she kept asking what does that pedal do)

Vacation memories can help build language and memory skills.  You can use these memories to encourage writing and reading, research, map skills, and patience (that horrible car ride across country).  I hope you enjoy your vacation.

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