Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wall Art

We made this wall art for the new addition to our home.  My 18 year old stepdaughter will be moving to Texas this fall.  We thought we would try to welcome her with a room with at least one fun thing.  A colorful painting with the first letter of her name. 

I had originally thought we would pour paint ( for those who don't know what it is also called tall painting look it up.  It is amazing ). Here is the version I think I will try.  Thanks Dilly-Dally Art.   But I decided I wanted the canvas completely covered and wasn't sure if my "M" was tall enough. 
Paint the canvas the color of the background.

So, my next idea was to let my daughter squirt the paint from a pipette.  But, the paint was too thick.  I didn't want to water the paint down.\

Tape down the shape you want.
(you could use painters tape)

So, we tried using the end of a paint brush, the side of a paint brush, and our fingers.  I'm not sure any of these ways worked out best, but the product was colorful and the process was fun.

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