Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Interactive notebooks-math

I have shared my love for interactive notebooks in poetry, so now I'll share how I have become attached to them in math.
Math is and needs to be a very hands on subject for young children.  I would only use these notebooks after a hands on activity and as an added resource for children to look at.

I started to make my own math notebook pages that matched the TEKS but still had a bit of fun in them.  I love all the great people on Teacher Pay Teacher that make clip art.  I have been able to take their art ability and use it to make notebook pages more fun.  I only use black and white clip art to save on ink and to make copies clear.  I have loved making these math notebook pages.

Numbers 1-5 if free at TPT

Math Notebook Numbers 1-5
Since I am now teaching K,1, and 2 math, I have found as I learn a new TEK,  I can easily make a new notebook page to introduce it to my classes.  I hope as I get better at using the program the pages will become more creative and interactive.

This fraction math notebook unit is fun and free.  Who doesn't like pizza.  This notebook activity is set up to be a cooperative learning activity.  The kids do the first activity with their group.  Then as a class you talk about it.  They go back to their group and learn about the next fraction.
Math notebook fractions pizza

Play dough mats for second graders?  Yes!  These older kids never get to play with play dough, but these mats help them practice the array technique for multiplying.  Even older kids need kenesthetic activities.  Just print and laminate and give them play dough.  Right now there are only 2's and 3's facts, but as I do more, I will add them to the stack.  So purchase them for $1.00 now before more are added and the price goes up.  If you purchase now, you will always be able to download and get the new mats.
Sweet Treats playdough arrays

I am now working on a more and less than unit that introduces the alligator technique. I will include a station game too.  So keep and eye on my store if you teach more and less with the symbol.

Math notebook more or less plus center
I will do future I will be posting other centers that I find that go along with the math notebook pages.  I love using centers, lessons, and notebooks to build that firm foundation of the TEK.  So follow me or have my posts emailed to you.

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