Wednesday, August 3, 2016

New Teacher Begins

To begin again.

Each year teachers all over the country begin a new year in hopes of bringing the best education to a group of children.  We decorate rooms, move furniture, prepare lessons with a big smile.  As a teacher,  all I ever wanted to do is give children a positive belief in themselves and learning.  It has become difficult to do that.  All the pressure from standardized testing has been pushed completely through all levels of education.  Kindergarten included.  They need to be reading fluently or their is something wrong with you as a teacher or with the kid.  The 5 year old who just wants to please their teacher.  No matter how rediculous or inappropriate or boring the task is.  They aim to please.

Well I refuse to push kids so hard, they want to cry.  I want to encourage not enforce learning.  I will begin again with the belief that every child I see, deserves what I want to give them.  

I will push creativity and joy of learning.

I will show you.

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