Monday, February 20, 2012


Building, Buildings, and more Building
     I have been excited to start this theme of buildings, since I have 13 boys.

     I took pictures of the familiar sites around town, then printed them big enough to fit on our cardboard blocks.  How's that for environmental print.  Some pictures I made big enough to cut in half or forths to encourage children to build the buildings and not just build to knock down. Add some helmets, tools, and vehicles and you have a construction zone the kids will want to visit.
One little boy carried this fire station around all during center time because his dad works there.  So make multiples if you want to encourage sharing.

     My classroom is lacking car, trucks, or anything with wheels.  This will not do, so I made vehicles the same way I made the building blocks.  Luckily, there was some construction vehicles right outside my house this week.  Target and Dollar tree supplied me with the other vehicles with wheels for $1 each. 

     I asked each child "What type of building do you live in?"  Just a little hint.  Don't right your name up on the chart first or you will have everyone living in the same type of building that you do.  Luckily in Head Start, we do home visits, so my aide knew which type of building they all lived in.  So, now back to describing different types of buildings.  It would have been better if I had real pictures of buildings.

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