Monday, February 6, 2012

The Three Little Pig Building

The Three Little Pigs

We read The Three Little Pigs story by .  It is a little long for three year olds but if you get the kids to chant along, you'll keep their attention.
There are lots of versions of this story out there.  These 2 came with the Creative Curriculum.

The True Story of The Three Little Pigs by Jon Scieszka is about the nice wolf who comes to borrow a cup of sugar and sneezes to start a horrible misunderstanding

The Three Little Javelinas  is a Mexican version where the bad coyote chases the pigs.  It is a very long story.
The Three Little Javelinas/Los Tres Pequenos Jabalies: Bilingual (Multilingual Edition)
If your looking for the best read aloud, look for a book with some of these qualities.

a positive attitude-
many versions have the pigs being eaten, which can be scary for young children and the idea that the mom would make her kids leave their home might cause some questions.
Rhyme and repetition-
children will chant along with a story that rhymes and repeats, which means they will be more interested in the story and have a better understanding of the story
Simple and short story line-
If the story line is long and complicated, the kids will zone out

just make up your own story using puppets or props.

Greg &Steve have a Three Little Pig Blues on Playing Favorites album

As a response we told how we would build our own houses.  I made this cute little pig tri-fold book, added a nose, eyes, and curly tail to the outside cover. 
Sorry the pics are a little dark.
Then the children added their picture to the page that described how they would build their own house.  I'm using pictures with these 3 year olds to get them use to making a decision, something they have not been accustomed to in the classroom. Then will add their names to the picture, then take the picture away.  This will help them recognize and use their names more often.

You can retell the story on this cute flip down book.

Fold large paper in half lengthwise.  Then cut only the top fold down so the paper is in thirds.  Then cut the top into a roof into triangles.  Decorate.

Open the flaps to tell the story in writing.

I found this playdo set on clearance at walmart.  It's not as involved as the picture looks, but the kids enjoyed making the pigs.
Play Doh - The Story of the Three Little Pigs

We also have this cute felt board set thanks to Preschool Printables.
If you want more information about how to make your own felt board pieces check out this previous post
If you want to make your own felt boards Teach Preschool

We used straws, sticks, and foam bricks to build houses on the sticky table.  Thanks to Teach Preschool for the inspiration.
Even the most hyper kids spent lots of time on this one.
It is just clear contact paper taped to our sensory table sticky side up.  I drew a house frame on paper and slipped it under the contact paper.
I have always done a sticky board on my easel.
But this way on the table was fun and could be done on a large area.

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