Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Painting with make up sponges

     I bought these triangular make up sponges to make the DIY dot painters like Teach Preschool has done.  But, they were not big enough to fit the containers I was going to use.  Oh well.  We just used them to paint with instead.  My kids get a lot of watercolors with paint brushes.  They need a new medium to keep them interested in painting.

Some kids used only one color.

Some kids used many colors to make patterns.

Some kids used many colors and layered they paper with so much paint it made the neatest textured painting.

Some kids used the sponges on the skinny side and others used the fat side.

I have found that painting with the strangest things make the neatest looking product and provide the best process oriented artwork.
If you want to learn more about process versus product artwork, you can visit this previous post.

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