Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Come eat dinner at our restuarant

Changing your dramatic play area will keep children interested in real dramatic play.  I have seen the kitchen a big mess of food on the floor and babies in the oven.  If the area is always the same, the toys tend to become just things to throw around.
It's a great way to include real language and to practice it over and over again. 

We turned our dramatic play area into a restaurant.
It really is the easiest way to change your dramatic play area without changing or adding a lot.

I made a menu from ads in the newspaper.  Make sure you use everyday words like appetizers.  It will increase your students' vocabulary and connect their play and behaviors to real life.

When I first open the center, I model how you would play restuarant.  This will prevent them from writing on your menu and keep them using the other materials properly.  I might say, "Hello, I am your waitress."  "Here is our menu." 

What would you like to order?  I will give this to the cook.

I included some small notepads and pencils, so the waiters and waitresses could use their pre-writing skills during play.  I found this set of 5 at the Dollar Tree.

Just make sure you get your customer's order right or they might not come back to your restaurant.

Here are some interesting comments I overheard at the restaurant.
"Your restaurant is nasty.  There is food on the floor."
"That's not what I ordered."
"How much do I owe?"
"I want ice cream and that and cake."
"Don't you have plates at your restaurant?"

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