Monday, March 12, 2012

Painting trees with threes

Painting trees with threes
Painting trees is fun because you could use anything to make a tree pattern.

First, we put glue on a rectangle for the trunk.  This girl thought it was fun to make an "R" which starts her name with the glue.  Good reason to let kids use the glue.

Then, we use wax paper crumbled up and dipped in paint to create leaves. 
We used red, orange, and green.  In the fall we use yellow and brown, too. 

Let the kids print away.  No matter where they put the paint, it will always make a neat leafy tree.

You will have to replace the wax paper when it gets too much paint on it and starts to flatten, so bring the whole roll to school with you.  The kids loved this project.  Some even did it twice.  Some kids noticed the paint was mixing to create other colors.  This is one of my favorite tree art.  I love to hang it in the room because it adds so much color to the room.  It reminds me of being outside.

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