Saturday, March 17, 2012

Practice number skills with a game

This has been one of my favorite home made games so far.  And surprisingly all the kids enjoyed it, too. All you need are some number cards, some kind of marker, and dice.  I made this number strip in my word program by adding a text box and giving it a neat border.

I made this game to assess whether or not the kids who knew how to match numbers to sets could immediately recognize a set up to 5.  (In the Creative Curriculum assessment books)  It did a good job of assessing this objective.  But, to my surprise it attracted other children who weren't interested in numbers yet.  (3 year olds)

The child rolls the dice and counts the dots.  Then they put a marker on the number they rolled.  We used pom poms here.

Now that I am going to be with 4 year olds, I am going to make a new set of number strips using dots.  I found this dice that has numbers 0-9.
The game will be played the same way only opposite.  The kids will recognize the number then find the set to cover.

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