Sunday, June 19, 2011

Felt board pieces

     Ever since I saw this post on how simple it is to make professional looking felt board pieces by using your printer I have been dieing to try it.  Alas, my printer is out of ink and I don't actually own an iron. So while I work on getting those things, I thought you might like to see the thing I found to help you make your own flannels.

Once you've bought the paper, I got mine at Walmart,

Try these sites for free printables.  If you find something that you think might make a good flannel board piece please let me know.

All kinds of stories, but my favorites are Brown Bear Brown Bear, Polar Bear Polar Bear, and the Hungry Caterpillar- they are quite big so I saved them to a word program and shrunk them a bit

Leo Lionni's mouse -it's suppose to be a stick puppet but I think it would work great.

tons of paper dolls- my daughter loves dressing the one girl flannel I have with the few cloths I have.

more paper dolls

Go Away Big Green Monster- put the monster together

Monkey with Hats

lots of book prompts

even more book prompts- including chicka chicka, Dr Seuss, 5 Little Monkeys, Spilt milk, the old lady who swallowed a fly, Mouse Paint, and more, if you don't find it there try here

The Three Little Pigs,  5 monkeys, apples, and pumpkins

You also might want to check your favorite book's and author's web site.  Many of them allow you to print their characters.

If you would prefer to buy them or need something unique try here.  Prices seemed reasonable.

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