Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to School Teacher Gift

     While teaching preschool, I was very lucky to have some of the best and kindest parents.  I always got wonderful gifts for Christmas and at the end of the year.  It made me feel very special.  So, when I became a parent, I wanted to make sure I was one of those parents who tried to make the teacher feel special.  My daughter and I work together to make something special for her teacher.

This was last years experiment. Edible Crayons & Candy Pencils

This year we are making a personalized clipboard and matching pens.  It will be included in a basket with other fun things like stickers and post it notes.  Both of these cute ideas I saw on pinterest and are pretty simple.

 pretty clip board
Wooden clip board
Scrapbook paper
Letter stickers
Modge podge
 (we found sparkle kind)

Cover your clipboard using modge podge with scrapbook paper. 
I used ribbon to hide the change of paper color.
Add stickers to personalize.
Paint over all with sparkle modge podge.
Then paint over with regular modge podge.(Those were the directions on bottle.)
The sparkle kind was very sticky after it dried, so adding the regular coat must help seal it.

The sparkle Modge podge worked beautifully.  I would decorate my walls with this stuff.
This is the smaller version my daughter had to have.  We haven't finished her teacher's yet, because we are not sure of her name.  But it is cute, and my daughter wants to write on it all the time.  Great benefit.

Pretty Pens
Clear pens you can remove ends (refillable)
I found them at Dollar Tree 2/$1 but grocery store had them 5/$2.38 colored ones too.
Scrapbook paper (matching clip board)

Cut scrapbook paper length of clear part of pen only and width about 1 1/2 in.
Remove pen and wrap paper around it.
Put it back together.  I had to use the scissors to push the paper completely in the pen.

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