Friday, August 17, 2012

Don't Throw that Box away- Make something with it!

     Because I am a teacher, I am a collector of things people would normally throw away or recycle.  Only other teachers really understand this habit.  This time it was a unique box that opened at the top.  It was sturdy and would be easy to reuse.  But, for what.  It has been sitting in my work room for about 6 months till I found something that fit perfectly inside.

     I covered the top and the sides with scrapbook paper and our newly found sparkle Modge Podge.  I just added a label with letter stickers.

     I have been working on sensory bottles in these 6.5 oz water bottles that came in the lunchables my daughter has been eating.  They are small enough to carry and store.

     I thought it would be great to carry to school on a day I would be subbing as an extra activity.  I am working on a worksheet that goes along with these bottles, so I could use them with older kids. ex.  I have a letter bottle where children search for letter beads in rice.  Older children could find a letter then list words that begin with that letter.

     Here are the bottles we have made so far.  Glitter and water (glitter will color the water), vegie oil and water, pink water with dish soap (shake to make bubbles), baby oil and pom poms, sand and shells in water, hair gel with fish rocks and glass beads
Here is where to go to see how to make sensory bottles and what to put in them.  They thought of everything.
Here you will find a neat seasonal sensory bottle ideas.

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