Sunday, August 5, 2012

Math centers- Patterning

Learning to repeat, create, and continue patterns will help our little ones find and use the patterns in our math system.  Even our base ten counting system is one big pattern.  A child that can count on forever but forgets the tenth number has figured out the pattern.

Patterning centers are the easiest to make and can fit into every theme.  I've gotten a lot of rubber manipulatives by themes through scholastic book clubs.  They were about $10 each set.  They are well worth the money.  I have seen apples, Halloween, fall, back to school, bugs, transportation, Christmas and others.

I have used holiday stickers to make simple pattern cards.  Children can copy and extend the pattern I've made.

Unifix cubes are easy to make color patterns.  I have made cards on sentence strips for children to copy.  I also use the colors we are working on.  Put two colors like orange and black for Halloween in a basket and set it on the table.  Children can't help but find the pattern.  While roaming the internet I did find a printable sheet of unifix cube patterns, but I will have to find it again to share it with you.

Pattern blocks have many shapes that can be made into patterns.  Here is a colored or black and white printable using pattern blocks.

You can make patterns with anything.

patterning on the pocket chart and other patterning fun.

Sun Scholars has a neat tray activity for patterning.

Dr. Suess Patterning

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