Thursday, May 19, 2011

10 Gifts Teachers Want.

     Are you going to buy a gift for your child's teacher?  Wonder what to get them?  Wonder what they really want or need?  Check out these 10 gifts your teacher will use.
     As I'm going through everything trying to find a place to put everything in my new tiny home, not everything is bigger in Texas, I have come across the many bottles of body wash and fancy lotion I have gotten as gifts from the kids in my class at the end of the year. 
     Parents love to show their appreciation for a teacher's good job.  No teacher is going to tell parents to stop buying them candles since I have never had to buy my own candle, and they did come in handy during the 2 week blackout we had a couple of years ago.  Just remember, since they can't keep your children, it is the memories of the children not the gifts you give them the teacher wants to take home for the summer.  But, if you want to buy something then try one of these useful gifts.

1. Stickers
     Most teachers use stickers in some way in their classroom.  For rewards, decorations for projects, and we used them to make number books and letter pages.  They are just fun.

2. Room decorations
     Every year the teacher decorates her room with colors, letters, and posters.  One year, a parent bought me the exact cupcake decorations I used to put the children's birthdays on.  I had her children 3 years in a row, so I didn't have to go buy those cupcakes to start my room decorating.

3. Gift Certificates
     Teachers usually live on a low budget so a gift card to a nice restuarant or store will encourage them to go out and have some fun.  I got one to the hair salon one year, So I went and got a hair cut to look nicer. If your whole class gets together to buy one gift card, you will have a significate amount of money to buy a nice card.

4. Books
     You could buy books for the ages of children your teacher has or one of your favorite new releases for the teacher to read on her summer break.  Because we don't have much time to read during the school year.

5. Small Scrap book
     One year I got the cutest little scrapbook from one of the parents who sold Creative Memories.  She gave on page to each child to put a picture and things they enjoyed for the school year.  I still look at it today and my own child likes looking at it.  I had both of her children, so I have 2 scrapbooks.  Remember I said, teachers want to keep the memories of your children.  What a great way to do it.

6. Usables
     Does your teacher use lotion in the classroom?  Buy her kind.  Does she have toys that use batteries?  Pens, glue, wipes, or anything the teacher may have to buy with her own money. Pack them in a nice storage box.  Storage is great.

7. Games or toys for classroom
     One year I got a neat little sand box with little construction men and trucks.  Every year I get it out for the kids to play with during our transportation theme.  I will always remember who gave me that and be thankful they did.  The kids love it.

8. CD's or Flashdrive
     Does your teacher take as many pictures as I do?  Well every year I have to put them on a CD so I can make room for the new ones on my computer.

9. Home made gifts or store bought home made gifts
     I love chocolate chip cookies and brownies.  For those who live in Ohio, Ester Price candy is a yummy gift.  If you could get all the parents together and have a luncheon for all the teachers, you would have made a lot of teachers happy.

10. Gift Certificates
     They are so easy I had to mention them again.  The local teacher store or book store make nice gifts.  Movie theater and restaurants encourage time for fun.  Just make sure your teacher drinks coffee before you buy a Starbucks card.  Even the grocery store or superstore cards are useful.   

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