Monday, May 16, 2011

Creativity on Clearance or atleast on sale

    I love the after holiday sales because you can pick up left over stuff pretty cheap.  We only have a walmart and one grocery store in my city, so I keep an eye out on the clearance racks.  I also take the hour long trip to Walgreen's because it can be worth what I save.

     So here is what I found at the grocery store after Easter for $.50.  K loved them.  I have never seen them up north but I'm sure creative people could easily make them for a fun art activity.  Or, you could probably use plastic eggs.
                                           Cascarones- real colored eggs filled with confetti

     My child loves to help crack eggs in the kitchen, messy, but these were fun and a little messy.

First she painted glue on paper (my suggestion) and then just poured the glue on (her suggestion).  Her suggestion looked better on the end product.

Then crack.

                                          There was a lot of multicolored confetti in these eggs.
     She kept cracking even though I suggested saving some for later.  But, there was a lot of confetti I collected to use later.

                                   End result- even though it is all about the process not the product


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