Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Educational products?

     While I was teaching, I had access to educational magazines to order from and the money to order it.  Now that I am not teaching, I still want to provide those educational toys and activities for my child even though I don't have the money or the space to store it.  One of those activities is a wipe off board.

      This is an alternative I picked up off the clearance rack for about $3.50.  I thought it would be great because it claims to stick anywhere and be reuseable.  Well, it comes with 2 wipe off markers and an earaser.  There are 12 flimsy plastic sheets with different borders on them.  K loves writing and erasing.  But, for the sticking to anything, I couldn't get it to stick to anything.  I think it was made for those people with stainless steel refridgerators, which we don't have.  Maybe it would stick to that.  I would like to try other wipe off markers to see if they will work too.

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