Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wait! Don't Throw That Box Away!

Don't throw that away! 
I keep all kinds of things.  It drives my husband crazy.  But when I look at something, I see the possibilities it might have in a preschool classroom.  So when we got a walker for my baby, I saved the box.  It's large and flat.  That's hard to find.  But what do I do with it?

Giant Marble Rolling
We started by going on a ball hunt.  These are the balls we found around the house.

I opened the box like a pizza box.  Put a piece of poster board in it.  I would really like to have had large butcher paper, but poster board worked well because it didn't blow away.  We did this activity outside just in case the balls got away.
     I then put down globs of paint all over it.  Traditionally rolling marbles, I would dip the marbles in the paint then put it on the paper, but I thought that this would be easier.
Then we rolled all the different balls we found.
and rolled, she liked trying to roll all of the balls at one time.
The final product turned out so cute.  I would use it as a background on a bulletin board.

Just like a giant marble painting.

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