Friday, May 27, 2011

Rainbow Milk

A visitor from the Booneshoft Museum in Dayton, Ohio use to come to our school each year and do this experiment with 4 year olds.  She called it Rainbow Milk, but I'm sure it is called other things by different people.  My child loved watching the colors circle and said,  "It looks like a rainbow." 
Supplies: Whole milk, food coloring, dish soap (dawn works best), food coloring, and a shallow bowl or plate with ridges to contain liquid (At school, we used petri dishes.)

You need to have whole milk because it has the highest fat content.  Having it warm is suppose to help, too.

Pour milk in bowl and put a drop or two of food coloring in the milk.  If you only use primary colors, you could relate this activity to mixing colors.

This happened when we put the color in the too warm milk.  cool
Add a drop of dish soap in the middle and watch the colors swirl.  The colors will disappear, swirl into each other, and mix.  Eventually, the colors swirl together so much that it turns gray.

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