Monday, May 16, 2011

     I have done my child a disservice by enrolling her in a childcare facility that did not encourage creativity.  I thought I was doing the right thing by giving her the much needed socialization being the only child in our family.  She was told which center to go to and what color to color her preprinted picture of a horse.  4 worksheets a day for a 3 year old was my first clue.  Then when we were having fun at home painting or coloring she would ask me if she could use this color or what should she do here, and the fun only lasted a short time.  So how do I fix things.  Well at home I am having "Mommy school": I didn't want her to confuse "real" school she will be attending soon with what I will be supplementing at home.  Since as a teacher I know the internet is a great resource, I also thought I would trying blogging my ideas to share and offer options of how to include a little creativity in our education of young children.
     I would encourage anyone with feelings towards early childhood education to read about this study.

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