Saturday, June 4, 2011

Creating Names

     Once children recognize their names, it is time to start introducing them to all the letters in their names.  Kylie has know what a letter K is since she was 2, but was never really interested in any other letters in her name.  Now she is 4, starting to write, and wants to work with letters.  So I've been trying to come up with some fun creative ways to work on her name.
    As a teacher, I have my own opinion about whether you should teach upper case letters or lower case letters.  Hand Writing Without Tears is a program I admire, but they recommend you teach your child all uppercase letters first because they are easier to write.  From experience,  I have seen too many children who already can write their names in upper case letters and then find it very hard to switch.  So I teach, Your name is special, it begins with a Big letter.  The rest of your name uses lower case letters. It will be your decision as a parent to teach upper or lower case.
     One of the easiest way to help a child learn how to write and spell their name is by spelling it in many ways and multiple times.  You should write or have the child write their name on every paper you do.  Allow them to write the letters they can do then you can write the letters they can't do yet.  Make sure they can see you writing.
     Here is some games you can do to help them order their letters to make their names.

Milk caps
Art Project- painting with glue and salt (I recently saw this somewhere but can't remember.  sorry. If you know and would share the link with me, I will post it.)
After writing with glue, pour salt

Then drop water color paint on salt.  It makes a neat affect.

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