Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pretend corn on the cob

     Corn on the cob is the only vegetable my child will eat now that she has gone into super picky mode.  And, since you can get great sales in the summer we eat it a lot.  Needless to say she liked making it too.  I think you need to start out this project by feeling the texture of real corn with husks.  Let them shuck it and describe it.  A lot of vocabulary can come out of a simple daily activity.
Supplies you'll need
Toilet paper tube
yellow paint
bubble wrap
yellow yarn, string or pipe cleaners
green material or foam
glue gun

Start by painting bubble wrap yellow.  Mine is dark because all I had was black and I'm all about using what you have before going out and buying something.
When dry glue it to the toilet paper tube.  Now, you have the shape and texture of corn.  My daughter loved playing with it that way but I thought it would be fun to be able to peel it.

We added some pipe cleaners.  Yarn would work, too.

Then we added this green material for husks.  Foam would have worked better, but my daughter wanted to use this textured material, and it will be her toy.

Check out our ice cream, popsicle, and watermelon we already made and stop back in a couple weeks to see S'mores.  We are going to make real S'mores first on our beach vacation.

Until then we will be doing some other fun things.

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