Thursday, June 16, 2011

More play with color

I found this little light box that changes colors from red to blue to green at the Dollar Tree. 
I made some color cards from some left over tissue paper squares and contact paper.  If I were to make them again, I would use one sheet of color instead of squares.
When you hold the color cards over the light you can see some mixing of colors.  Worth $1.
We also used the cards with a flashlight.

I'm always jealous when I see people with a light table. But thanks to Deborah at Teach Preschool, we can all afford one.
I will be making my own version of the light table.


  1. I am soooo going to make these light cards! Wonderful!

  2. I love the colour card idea - simple but effective. I have some coloured transparency sheets that I'll try instead of the tissue paper.
    Thanks for the wonderful idea.
    I'll have to keep my eye open for a little light box like yours.

  3. Oh such a great inexpensive way to do colour mixing! Very good!!