Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What should I do with the kids this summer?

     It is easy to extend you child's learning while they are out of school for the summer.  Spend time with your kids.  Have fun.  Make memories.  Here are 10 ideas to share.

1. Try a "sink or float" game in the pool.  Find things around the house.  Predict:  Will it sink or float?  Then experiment.

2. Go on a field trip.  Many schools don't have the funds to take your child on field trips, and the experience can spark so many learning opportunities.  Check out children's museums, theaters, the farm, the city, aquariums, or a different community fair or festival.

3. Side walk chalk will encourage a lot of creativity.  They even have glow in the dark for those fun warm nights.

4. Go to the park or backyard looking for letters, numbers, and shapes.  Take pictures.  Make it into a book.

5. Count snacks or toys

6. Draw a picture using water color pencils.  Then hang it on clothesline or fence.  Squirt it with water squirters.

7. Read, Read, Read.  Make a trip every week to the library.

8. Paint using skinny paintbrushes.  They will help your child's fine motor skills.

9. Talk, Talk, Talk.  Boost your child's language skills by talking about everything that's going on throughout the day.  Then, Listen, Listen, Listen.  Your child can't learn to use correct grammar, if they never talk.

10.Encourage your child to write the things they learned, enjoyed, or did in a journal.  Young children can draw pictures and you can write the words they dictate. As they get better, they can write some of the letters or words.


  1. I love all your ideas for summer time! So happy that you shared them with us on Teach Preschool.

  2. Deborah, thank you for your comment. It makes me feel special to know you like my ideas.