Monday, June 6, 2011

Seashells by the seashore

We are preparing for a trip to the beach, so we are learning about what we might see.
The best thing about the beach is there are seashells you are aloud to take home with you.
So, I have collected a lot over the years.

I didn't find this one, but inherited it.  It's great for hearing the ocean.
I made these mats from a worksheet in a mailbox magazine.  They are great for containing the shell space.

Allowing children to sort shells by there own categories will come up with amazing groups.  I will provide the full lesson plan with Ohio academic standards in another post.

I made this book from a pamphlet I picked up at the visitors center on the way to Florida.  I keep it at the sensory table were I put 100's of shells they can play with.  If you have a smaller science tub, that would work too.  I just have collected too many shells to worry about them getting broke.

I also added some to our sand tub.
We put some at the playso table.
We made necklaces out of the shells that had holes in them.  They are made by birds trying to eat the animal inside.
I put foam letters on some shells to make alphabet.  I can see so many future activities with these as she gets older.  I will find lower case letters to match, spell names, and even spell words.


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