Friday, July 15, 2011

Beachfront Learning

     For our vacation, we stayed at a beach here in Texas.  In the past we have visited a beach in Florida, so we were anxious to compare the Golf beach to the ocean.  It became a learning adventure.  Well, any vacation can be a learning adventure if you encourage talking. 

First, we traveled across a Ferry.  New vocabulary.  And saw some familiar animals.

And some new yet scary animals.  This is a jellyfish.  Nothing like our craft jellyfish, huh?

We found some plants.

We dug (digged) holes, buried treasure, and dug again.

All the while we used very descriptive words, like bumpy, smooth, muddy, etc.

We made marks and found marks for treasure.  X marks the spot.

Found and made prints.  This was her hands, but she was imitating the bird footprints we saw.

Building castles.  Okay we did not build this one.

Writing names in the sand.

Making shadows.

Comparing seashells we found.  They were a little different than ones we found in Florida.

The amount of vocabulary that comes from an experience like this is amazing.  During our trip we touched on every subject you might learn about in school.  Such as compare and contrast, the science of waves, the sun, and animals, cause and effect relationships, letters, shapes, colors.   

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