Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hands on alphabet

     One of the goals in preschool is letter recognition. Many children at this age just don't have the fine motor strength to write the letters yet, so here is a very tactile way to use letters.
These letters are made out of cross stitching plastic.  It comes in all colors and very bright ones, too.

I drew and cut the letters free hand, but I would like to see if the Ellison machine would cut it or at least trace the cut outs.  Mine are very big and not very uniform.

All the kids need to do is put it under a paper and rub with crayon.  It will even work if the child doesn't put the crayon on its side.

Even if the letter doesn't turn out right, they still had the experience with the way the letter feels.  And the kids will sit for a long time doing this. 

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  1. Hi! Our english is not perfect but this idea is so interesting. This school year we work whit children of kindergarten and this actiiviti whit the letters of alfabet is perfect for our class. Thank You ciao ciao!