Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Chick and the Duckling

I love taking a book and finding ways to use it throughout day and throughout the other subjects.  I have found science to be the easiest and most creative.  So here is a couple of fun things to do with the book The Chick and the Duckling.
It is a cute little book about a Duckling and a chick who have hatched and become friends.  The chick does everything the duckling does and responds "Me, Too".  This makes a great shared reading experience when the kids join in.

The Duckling
The Chick (filled with water)
We made our predictions.  In the classroom, I would have more of these pre-made items and have a cookie sheet for the prediction sheet and the "what happened" sheet.  I allowed my daughter to choose other items which is harder to do in the classroom. 
Here is the checklist of items she made of items she wanted to try.  I didn't encourage this, but what a great idea to incorporate writing.  It would be easy to add a clipboard and pencils to the science center for children to write.
The experiment (stick, spoon, block, rock, bottle cap, Popsicle stick)


This is a Cartesian diver game where the duckling goes down to pickup the chick.  It's hard to see because everything is yellow.  Maybe if I had used a smooth bottle, it would have been better.

Here is the chick and the duckling out of the water
I'll show you how to make a Cartesian diver next time with another book activity.

Until then, I would love to here what your favorite books and activities are.  Please share.

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