Thursday, July 21, 2011


     Deborah at Teach Preschool made some dot dabbers (also called bingo dots) for her school.  I have always loved these and bought a colored set of washable ones at the local teacher store.  They are very expensive, and when one child tries to use it like a paint brush, the little sponge comes off.  They have non washable ones at the Dollar Tree, but that can get you into some trouble.  I have seen refillable ones at the teacher store but never bought them.  Deborah says they didn't work out the way she wanted, so she made her own. You can see them here.
     As I was looking through my cabinet, I saw this bottle of formula which I am not using because I am breast feeding.  They are the premade ready to use by just putting on the nipple. I'm not sure if they sell them like this or if they just give them away at the hospital.  But they looked perfect.  And many people use formula, and if you know someone that works at the hospital, I think this is what they use.
          The lid already has a hole in it so you can just put the sponge in it and screw it shut.
     The opening is a little bigger than a regular dotter.  I used a scrub sponge which let too much paint out, so I will be looking for the make up sponges Deborah used.
      My daughter still liked using it even though it was really watery and came out too fast.  The good thing is this way the sponge doesn't break off.  Even if it did, you just replace it and don't have to buy new ones.


  1. They do sell those pre-mixed formula bottles at most stores.

  2. I love it - I am going to have to see if I can find a bottle like that too - the larger dots will be a fun change on the process!

  3. Hi, I was just wondering if empty seasoning bottles would work, they are sturdy yet easy to squeeze. I plan to give it a try.