Saturday, July 2, 2011

String Stamping

     We had so much fun making the cone for our ice cream cone that we decided to do some more printing with string.
First, wrap yarn or string around a box or block.  I did this one because I wanted the criss cross for the cone, but it would be neat to let the child come up with the pattern.

Spread paint on a plate.

And print.  It made the neatest prints.  My daughter chose to put all the prints in a straight line.  I would like to see what it looks like all mixed up.  Maybe colors will mix or make an overlapping pattern.  Maybe we could try different kinds of string to see what kind of patterns they would make.  Our string had kind of balls along the yarn.  Maybe many layers of string will make a different kind of pattern.  Either way, this is one my daughter will do again.

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