Sunday, July 10, 2011

Water table colors

Yes, this is a baby bathtub.  We don't have room for a water table so this works for now.
My daughter had notice, while helping wash dishes, that her cups tinted the water the color of the cup.  And, when you put 2 colored cups together they make another color.
We had lots of colored water balloons left over from a failed experiment earlier.  So, we put them in the water table to try and mix colors with these child sippy cups. 
First, she just liked matching the balloons to the same color cup.
Then some color mixing.  Some showed only a little color change.

Others, showed a real noticeable change.
Then, to the pouring and spraying with a spray bottle.
She liked the way spray sounded on the balloon.

Well, we are off to the beach for a short vacation.  See you when we return with some beach creativity.

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  1. I never thought of matching them with cups. This would keep everyone busy for awhile:)