Monday, July 18, 2011

Process Vs. Product

Every teacher will say "It's the process not the product."  So why do we have such cute art projects? They go with the theme.  They help with following directions.  The parents like them.  Okay, but what about the child?(It hit me when we saw a real jelly fish at the beach, and it looks nothing like the streamer ones we always make during our ocean theme) 

Shaving cream

rainbow fish
I have been torn many times over the art project in my own classroom.
So my decision was to offer a project bu not force the child to do it.  I provided many other types of activities that would attract children and focus on learning skills through play.  Then the parents complained they didn't have anything to put on the fridge.

markers on coffee filter then spray with water


So I have tried to come up with ways to give the child the process but also give the parent a product.

String printing
ice cream cone

Using materials you would like children to experience, you can make anything that goes along with your theme.
Be creative and allow the children to experience the process without worrying about how their product doesn't look like yours.

So how do you use the process for children to make a product for parents?


  1. That is so funny you wrote this today. I swear we think alike! I have a post coming up tomorrow about the same topic! A little different but close enough!

  2. Lovely post! I found you thru Teach Preschools latest post. :) Glad I sound like a fantastic teacher!