Sunday, July 31, 2011

More free printables

Here are some more printables.  I am providing these because the people who make them are very talented.  If any are repeats, I apologize.

Mr. Printable- kind of says it all.  games, letter cards, number cards, worksheets for older kids

Preschool printables- theme oriented colored printables

2 Teaching Mommies- large theme unit printables including holidays, seasons, about me, community

Our Little Monkeys- neat themes outdoors, pilots, bakers, tools, cars, cat in hat, April showers

File folder games

Literacy printables- make your own worksheets- I will use them for these=letter cards, make your own dominoes, follow me games

Pocket Full of Posies- numbers, letter tracing, size sorting, others

Tools for Educators- make your own dice, game boards, dominoes, Bingo games, vocabulary (even for other languages)

Tired, need sleep- build a letter, other letter related stuff, and math printables

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